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Zurich Airport - Enough time to catch specific train?

I did some google searches and have seen some positive comments about the Zurich airport and how quickly people generally move through it on arrival. We are flying overnight from Boston with an arrival at 11am.

I am wondering how long it'll take 4 of us to get through passport control and pick up bags (all will be checked), get a Eurail Pass validated and jump on a train to downtown Zurich to pick up a train to Milan.

Am I nuts to think we can catch a 12:47 train out of the airport?

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I fly into Zurich once in a while. It's not very big and well organized for passport control. If your flight arrives on time, you should be OK. Glad to see that you have a back up plan!

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No I don't think it's nuts to think that all of this could be accomplished in 1:47, but I do think it would be nuts to have your travel plans hinge on a 12:47 train from Zurich Airport.

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Thanks Tim. There is also a 1:45ish train too which is the backup.

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We flew into Zurich from Sweden, and to be safe, opted for the train that departed an hour later than the one I had hoped for. Probably could have made it, but we used the time to get Swiss Francs and had lunch before wandering down to the train platforms to have our Swiss Card validated. Also had time to talk to the ticketing agent to get some itinerary printouts for our later train trips. We could have rushed to make the train, but this worked out better.

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Zurich airport is extremely well organized, and i was pleasently surprised at how fast we moved through customs and got our bags. You should not have any problems. Also, the train stations is not that far away from the airport.