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zurich airport

I am flying from USA to Venice in September on SwissAir. I have searched everywhere I can think of to find out specifically where passport control is when arriving at E and having to get to A in just over an hour- not a lot of time for going the wrong way. Can anyone supply the location?

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I figured that out. I just need to know where, exactly, is passport control. Is it in terminal E or do I have to go to the main check-in area. Our layover is a scheduled 1 hour and 10 minutes.

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I made it through Zurich in 50 minutes last year (going in the opposite direction - back to the States. Had a one hour connection but flight arrived 10 minutes late). I did have to hustle but I made it. There was no time to stop and get a water and they were boarding when I got to the gate. I can't remember the details, but you basically will just follow the signs to Terminal A. Along the way, you will have no choice but to go through passport control. Zurich Airport is very well signed.

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As soon as you deplane you will see signs for passport control, or ask the ground personnel waiting at your arrival gate to direct you.

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You will arrive at term E., which is a satellite not connected to the main term. to reach A (in the main term.) you need to take the underground people mover which goes under the runway. I don't remember if passport control is before or after getting on the little train, but why is that so important? How long do you need to pull out your passport? ZRH is easy to navigate and 70 min is plenty.

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Once we were flying from the west coast thru Toronto and on to Paris. We had less than an hour to make our connection. (Stressful, I won't book those tight connections anymore). I was sitting on the plane watching my wristwatch and panicking because the flight was late and VERY slowly making its way to the gate. Then all the slow pokes making their way off the plane. We are usually very independent travelers and like to figure things out ourselves, but this time I spotted 2 airport personnel standing and talking as we exited the plane. I explained that our plane was late and we had a tight connection, giving them the our next flight information. I just expected directions, but the wonderful employee said "I will take you." I have no idea the direction she took us but it involved several door she unlocked and back thru a deserted security area, out onto the concourse and back into the security only area. We popped out next to passport control where she took us to the front of the line (uncomfortable stares, sorry everyone!) Then off again thru the back way again to pop out near our gate. It was so fast they hadn't even started to board. I tried to tip her but she wouldn't except anything other than our heartfelt thanks.
Proves there are wonderful people out there if you just ask.