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Zuric to Grimmelwald then Italy

My DH and I want to go to Grimmelwald next June and would be flying in to Zuric. We want to go to Florence to meet some friends after and I would really love to take a train. What is the best way to go about this. I have NO idea . Thanks

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Mary Your question is not completely clear, at least not to me. When you say Zuric I am going to make a leap and assume that you mean Zurich. But when you say Grimmelwald do you mean Gimmelwald or Grindlewald? They are relatively close physically, separated by a valley and quite a lot of difference in attitude (an altitude). Transport is somewhat different between. Now, when you say you would love to take a train, do you mean "a" train and you will be driving or busing the rest of the time, or do you mean you would like to do the entire trip by train? Have you got any Swiss or Italian (or Florence) Guidebooks yet? Specifically, have you got the Rick Steves Switzerland book yet? Mary, if you can give us some of these specifics I'm sure you will get lots of answers pointing you the right way. 9 months to plan, you lucky person ...

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Mary in one of my favorite Sonoma towns, you can easily take public Swiss transportation from Zurich airport (Zurich Flughafen) to Gimmelwald. Note that you will change trains 1-2 times before arriving at the last train stop in Lauterbrunnen. Then, you take the bus from the train station to the gondola terminal in Stechelberg and then up you go on the gondola to Gimmelwald. It's a lot to think about but you will enjoy it immensely. You can see the entire journey on the Swiss rail website You can even buy the tickets online. If you need more assistance, just message back and we can assist further. Your journey from Gimmelwald to Florence is just as easy but longer. See ya in Dry Creek or around the town square.

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Thanks for your replies, we have actually changed our trip and will be going to Venice and then Florence. We figured we would go to Switzerland in 2013 when we can spend more time there. I would love to hear any hints or ideas for Venice :)

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Hint: You don't need a car in Venice or Florence. Take that train ride you've been looking forward to.