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Zuidtangent Bus #300 - Schiphol to Haarlem

I have a few questions about taking the bus from Schiphol to Haarlem:

1) After getting through passport control, is the “to the buses” signage pretty good?

2) When I get on the bus, can I just say “Haarlem, please” to the driver and hand over my six euros? Does the driver issue an actual ticket, or do I just pay and sit down? (I have no need of a strippenkart, so want to be sure that I can buy just the airport-to-Haarlem fare and won’t be required to buy a strip.)

3) Is the #300 bus an ordinary city bus, or is there plenty of room for luggage?


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But you have stay awake. It is a pretty ride to Haarlem.

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You can't miss the buses, they're directly outside the entrance. After you pass customs you enter the rail station/shopping'll see the entrance(exit) then the bus stops.
You can pay the driver cash for your fare. I don't recall if you're given a ticket or receipt. City type buses are used, they're not really configured for lots of luggage, but it shouldn't be a big deal..overcrowding usually isn't a problem

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Yes, to your questions. I don't remember "to the buses" sign but we just walked out the front of the airport, could see buses across the plaza and walked over there. There are sign posts indicating where bus 300 stopped. Got on, paid the driver but don't remember if we got a receipt. Only a few people on the bus so plenty of room for luggage. Nice bus. The bus will take you to the train station in Haarlem unless you tell the driver you want off at somewhere else in Haarlem. It is easy and convenient.

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Thanks, Michael and Frank. It sounds like I won't have to do much in the way of thinking ... and that's such a good thing after 15 hours of traveling!