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Zermatt to Milan or another city in Switzerland - Can be a VERY tight connection!

We took the cog railway from Zermatt to Brig to connect with our Inter City Express train to Milan.

The cog railway is a separate train system than Swiss Rail so the tracks in Brig were on street level and the IC was elevated tracks.

Though a short walk, we only had about a 7 minute connection time, and made the train with about a minute to spare - plan accordingly and set out quickly once you arrive in Brig for a connecting train.


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Always research connections. Try to find a station layout so you know where you are going. Easier said than done, but in Germany there are station layouts available online for major stations and for every station in Bavaria, and the German Rail website usually shows the platform numbers.

The main thing to remember is that a train is not an aircraft. You don't have to stay in your seat until the train comes to a complete stop in the station. As you come into the station, gather you stuff and go to the end of the car (or wherever the doors are) and be prepared to get off when the train stops. If you wait, people will start getting on and you will be like a salmon swimming upstream trying to get off.

If you know your next platform, head for it. If not, look for the mustard colored schedule on a board somewhere nearby on the platform and find the platform for the next train.

Unless the next train is on the same platform, head for the tunnel (or bridge). A lot of others will be headed for it too; follow the herd. Once in the tunnel look for the large number signs hanging over the stairs, find your next platform's stairs, and go up them.

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In my brief Swiss train experience a 7 minute connection/transfer is very doable in that trains run substantially on time. The time consuming task occurs when we needed to cross under tracks pulling roller baggage to get to the adjoining platform, We did have a 3 minute connection at Sagliains returning from a Tirano Bernina Express day trip. The 3 minute connection gave us a minute plus to spare. The connecting train arrived at the other side of the platform a minute or so after we arrived. Walked across the platform and hopped in. Train to Klosters departed a minute after we got on.

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The SBB trip planner shows 139 m walk (150 yards) and a 7 minute walking allowance. I guess that means Usain Bolt could do it in about 15 seconds if he didn't have any luggage. It is tight, but you made it, just like SBB thought you could. The trip planner does note that you arrive a Brig Bahnhofplatz, which is on the street in front of the train station.