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Youth eurail pass activation

My son has a youth eurail pass, allowing 15 days flexible travel within 2 months. The post-graduation trip after years of part school part work. He is now 25 but will turn 26 shortly after arriving in Europe. It is clear he must activate his pass (to start his two month period) while still 25, but can he wait until after he turns 26 to "spend" the first of his 15 travel days? He would like to spend a few days decompressing before setting out on his further travels.

I suspect this doesn't come up that much--I'm sure most people start their period running on the day of their first trip to maximize the value of the pass, but in this case, there is the age factor. I think this may turn out to be an issue of dealing with a clerk at the activation train station--who will expect him to fill in the first day on his calendar, and will not like it if the date is post age 26. Has anyone had experience like this? Thanks.

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The activation date is the only date that matters; he must do that before his birthday, starting the two-month travel window. He need not fill in the first of 15 counted travel dates at that time and it's not the agent's job to do it. It would be rare for an agent to get so date-happy that he fills that in for you, but do be on guard to say "no."