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Your "Seat" Stuff

So you're boarding, and luckily you found a compartment up over your seat to stow your carry-on, but before you stow it, you open it and get out your small "seat-bag", so that you're not constantly getting up and down and inconveniencing your seat-mate.

What's in it? (That you wanna share with us, I mean? ;))



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  1. Noise cancelling headphones
  2. IPod
  3. Blow up pillow
  4. Blanket
  5. Water
  6. Book/Magazines
  7. Little plastic ziplock with toothbrush, toothpaste and lotion.
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Noise cancelling headphones, journal, puzzle book, mister (empty, but I fill it with water to use at intervals on my face), water bottle, gum, contact case and solution.

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Small pack of travel-kleenex? For some reason that dry cabin air always makes me sneeze, and no way could I wear my contacts - not without constantly using the artificoal tears stuff......


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In addition to the items listed earlier, I have an eye mask so I can block out the external light and sleep. I also have a pen (you'll need it to fill out the custom papers when returning to the US) and a container with my sleeping pills.

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That's one I missed too: my meds (of which there are a few scripted ones and a LOT of supplements). I keep them in one of those daily pill cases, so when it's my 6 pm, it's time to take 'em, and NOT inconvenience my seat mate by getting up (if I'm at the window).

How about those of you who like the "No Jet Lag" stuff? You have to keep that handy as well, right?

I like this thread (ahem), because since coming here (to ETTBD) I am learning a whole new way to pack by pickin' y'all's brains! :)



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Earplugs, iPod & headphones, tylenol p.m., vitamins & meds for morning, toothbrush/paste, individually wrapped Handi-wipes, neck pillow, book, water bottle (purchased after security). Next time, will also include eyeshades.

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Ipod, two books, journal, pen, neck pillow, eyeshades, medicines, kleenex, hearing aid batteries (instead of earplugs), chapstick, some snacks, and no-jet lag pills.

It depends also which direction you're going. I slept pretty good on the flight to Europe, so I didn't need much to keep me entertained, but the way home was another story and I ran out of reading material which made the last 2-3 hours pretty dull!

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In my RS Civita day bag: RS or other reading material, paperback novel, magazines, journal, pen, meds, chapstick, neck pillows, ear plugs, breath mints, couple of snack items, kleenex, eyeglasses, water bottle, hand lotion, socks, comfy sweater or jacket if it gets cold, and this time for the flight going over, I did need it...that's about it.

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Nose-Hair Trimmer, a definite must for the guys!

Gotta look good at the end of the trip right???

Doesn't take up much room, about the size of a pen, and again, you're NOT inconveniencing your seat mate!

Don't even need a mirror!!!!!

Joke alert! :) Just trying to inject a bit of comic relief. Hope I made y'all smile or laugh a little?

Wherever you go in Europe/Germany, try NOT to stress, okay?

So you missed your train! So what? You'll catch the next one.

So you get lost and take a wrong turn on the Autobahn!

Relax, and enjoy the scenery as you find your way back.

Been there done that and stressed about it. Not worth it, believe me!



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Mine has a blow up pillow and eye shades, sweater, toiletries (brush, toothbrush, toothpaste, gum, razor, deoderant, tidestick, aspirin and excedrin PM, chapstick), snacks (nuts, cheesesticks, protein bars), and 1 liter water.

There are usually other things in it like small flashlight, pens, etc. but these are the things I'll probably want.

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ear plugs, book, kleenex, light jacket, hair tie/or head band. A blanket and pillow (along with a small bag of other misc. items) have been provided both times I have flown over and back so I have not worried about those items.

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I usually travel with two carry-on bags - my Daypack (carry on) and a Camera bag for my dSLR. I don't have a separate "seat stuff" bag (usually put the Daypack on the floor under the seat, and just use that).

Some of the items in the Daypack are arranged in a "modular" format, so that everything stays relatively "neat" during the journey. Prior to going through security, I clip my Keys into the pack (don't need them while I'm away) and place "home" coins in a plastic zip-lok bag before going through security. Among the items I usually carry:

  • IPod and Headphones

  • small LED Flashlight

  • Liquids, etc. in regulation zip-lok bag (Toothpaste, Shampoo, Hand Cream, Shaving Oil, etc.)

  • "Backup" clothing kit in a small Packing Cube (underwear, socks) in case the airline loses my main Backpack. That way I can get by for a few days.

  • "Backup" toiletries kit in a small Pack-It Sack (Razor, Toothbrush, Advil, etc. - again this is useful if my main kit gets "misplaced" and also works well for cleaning up while waiting for a flight).

  • Essential Chargers in a small Pack-It Sack (Cellphone, IPod, Camera, GPS) and at least one Plug Adapter for UK and Europe.

  • small P&S Canon Elph Camera in a small LowePro pouch (which also has spare memory cards and one spare battery)

  • lately, a small GPS unit with Euro & N.A. maps

  • Notepad and Pen

  • Document Pack in clear vinyl sleeve with Itinerary and photocopied city Maps showing the directions to each Hotel.

  • one or two Michelin Maps for the countries I'll be spending the most time in. Also a Canada Map, in case anyone is curious on the part of the country where I live (I've used that on several occasions).

  • No Jet Lag pills (although I'm not sure if they actually work?)

I tend to be always "adjusting" my Packing list, so it changes a bit for each trip. However the above items are usually on every trip.

Interesting Thread!

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Hi Ken!

It sure IS interesting, and I am making notes! ;)

Today I went to Target and found the perfect "cabin pack": It is called an "Overnight Organizer" and it's by Eddie Bauer. It's exactly the right size for anything I may want at my seat.

So basically, let that little pack be the last thing I load in my carry-on - board the plane - take out cabin pack - stow carry on - sit down!

Yeehaw! I feel myself becoming a savvy traveller already, thanks to y'all!