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Yotel at CDG

Yotel will open up a hotel in Terminal 2 at CDG this summer. It will be airside.

Anyone with a long layover can get some rest if they want.

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Nice. We will be trying a Yotel on our upcoming trip this month.

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Thanks Frank II, I will most likely be using this.

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Hope it's not like the one at AMS - yuck! You don't need a room key, you need a can opener.

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Good news. Will have to keep that in mind next time through there.

I have used the one a London Heathrow. While I would not want to spend a long amount of time staying there because i do feel like what I imagine a sardine in a can would, it was great for me to take a long nap after an all night flight and then shower and be ready for the day.

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I've used the one in Amsterdam and found it good for what it was. Helped eat up a 10 hour layover with a nice nap, place to charge my batteries and unwind. Before I booked hours, I tried to figure out how long I would actually use the room. That is.... get off the plane, go to the room, leave early enough to get some food and have plenty of time to board. I think I was actually in the room 6 or 7 hours and it worked. But they are tight!!

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After a long flight i dont care how big the room is as long as i can lay down flat and nap!