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Yikes! Airlines prices this summer...

I've been keeping watch on British Airways' prices for the tickets I'd like to London this August. I figured that's a ways away and I can just observe the prices - but between a couple of days ago and now the total price just went up $300! Should I be buying these now, or will there be a decent summer special?

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Kent is absolutely right! Some very vaild points, indeed.

Some of us Crew were discusssing this very issue just the other day. We know from experience that the high cost of feul can take a heavy toll on our Industry.

From what I hear in the news...the cost of Oil seems to be going up and up with no end in sight. And as we all know, the Airlines must pass that cost on to you, the Consumer/Passenger.
IME, if the prices of Oil are going up, and steadily up at that, the cost of airfare will go up accordingly.

Keep in mind that August is high season for travel to the UK.
This is the most expensive time of the year to fly to the UK. I wouldn't expect too many seat sales. And if prices have gone up $300 within a couple of days, as has been your experience...I'd be tempted to book now. :-)

Safe Skies,

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805 posts is your friend. It allows you to search all the major airfare sites at once.

Strangely although international prices have gone up (maybe due to taxes as well, I know the UK just increased their standard tax by $40) domestic prices are soft. I just booked Portland to NYC nonstop for $300 roundtrip and Portland to Boston also nonstop for $310. In the past I would have paid at least $400 for both.

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I won't even consider Europe in the summer. Too expensive AND too many tourists. Went to France for our winter break and it was marvelous. No tourists and airfare under $450.

This fall we are taking advantage of the Rosh Hashanah break (I doubt all districts get it, but we do) - school is close Sept 30 and Oct 1st. We are taking kid out of school for one day and flying to The Netherlands for a quick trip. I was also looking at Thanksgiving week and getting good fares to Europe. No matter how far ahead you book Christmas and summer are expensive!

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Is there a better day of the week to schedule Trans-Atlantic flights? Price, availability, seat choices? I know that for domestic flights it does make a difference, but can't sort out if there is a better day to shoot for. I'm looking at Seattle to Rome mid-October, London back to Seattle early/mid-November. Suggestions?

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Both this website and offer advice on when it's best to buy. Typically, you want to lock in a ticket by a Friday, if the flight is a few months out. Travel mid-week (Wednesday-Thursday) on most international routes.

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Typically, Tues, Wed, and Thurs are the cheapest days for o/seas flights. For example, on I find NWA/KLM doing your open jaws trip for $943,leaving on Tues. 14 Oct, and returning Thurs, 6 Nov. As soon as you switch those dates to Fri, Oct. and Sunday, Nov, the price jumps to $1013. Since you'll have to make one stop anyway, you may want to find a cheaper flight to/from London, then link with Rome via a discount airline out of London. It may mean changing airports in London, but it could save you a fair bit of cash. Check out discount airlines in Europe at