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Yet another Lufthansa question...blankets!

Our kids are used to having their own blankets on road trips. Between flying from Seattle to Frankfurt and then doing some driving, they might like to have blankets on this trip, too.

Does Lufthansa wash blankets in between uses and then seal them up? Anyone know? I am trying to figure out our best solution for the blanket issue.

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I always bring my own blanket (we seniors like our blankies too!) I buy a cheap small fleece blanket at my local drug store/Target whatever (usually less than $5). I wash it and then I know it's clean. Course then we use it as a picnic blanket and whatever but at least it's my dirt. Sometimes I pick them up on sale 2 for $5 - who cares if you lose it. For children having a blanket that smells like home (your usual detergent and fabric softner smells) can also be a comfort.

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It depends. Some airlines do, some don't and even among airlines it depends on the flight. If you must have your own blanket that is clean, bring one yourself...

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I agree-- unless you simply have no space to spare in your luggage, bring your own. Depending on how old your kids are, they might even like to go pick out their own "special fleece travel blanket".

When I flew Alitalia last year, they gave us sealed blankets which were fine, but a) quite worn (mine had ragged edges, others had holes) and b) quite thin. Not really what you want to curl up with on a 10 hour flight. I'll pack my own or a pashimina shawl next time.

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Does Lufthansa wash blankets after use and re-seal ?