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Yet another connection times question

This morning Google Flights found me a deal and I jumped on it; PDX-ORD-ZHR-FLR / FCO-ZHR-ORD-PDX. 1st/business for $2k less than what United's and Delta's web sites are currently offering. The "Book with United" link actually worked! Also, I was able to plug the United PRN into Swiss Air, get the Swiss Air PRN, and choose seats. (Free, but I didn't bite for the 'throne" seats, which were $164 extra!)

Outbound I have 2:10 at ORD to get from Terminal 1 'C' gates to Terminal 5, and a 2:00 connection in Zurich. Unclear what the layout at Zurich is and cannot find a clear reference online. ORD looks like take the tunnel to main terminal 1 and get the train to terminal 5?

Inbound I have 1:40 in Zurich. Unclear if that is too tight or not. I've seen itineraries with 0:40 in Zurich, which would scare me.

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Swiss Air "throne seats" aren't worth that, so don't mourn what you don't have. My daughter had one and felt the legs area was tight, her opinion. I didn't, and slept well. If you have a good price for business, you are doing well.
Safe travels!

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Hurray for cheap Biz Class!!!

I connected through Zurich in the spring of 2019—don't have a super-specific memory of it, except that it was easy. And the Swiss Biz Lounge—the outdoor deck overlooking the ramp was avgeek heaven!

I agree that the 'throne' isn't worth the money, but if you're on a b777, maybe try to not get stuck in a paired seat on the sides—the window person needs to pass the aisle person to get out—the center is preferable here. ( that's the same for one side of the a330, but not the other.

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@Scudder: "Cheap Biz Class" is a relative term! :-) I picked seats on the right side of the A330s where there is only one seat.

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Ha! Don't I know it!

It'll all feel worth it when you wake up over Europe and realize that the Swiss a330s biz galleys are equipped with real espresso makers!