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Has anyone booked through this company? There was a suggestion on another post to check tripadvisor, but I didn't find anything current. It looks too good to be true ~ 251 euros for an intermediate car w/zero deductibles on theft & CDW! (Autoeurope is about 373, w/some deductibles on both.)

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We recently reserved an economy class car for an upcoming trip -- pick up in Florence and drop off in Padua -- and found that for nine days, Avis had by far the lowest rate. I also liked that we could make the reservation at the usual Avis web site with no problem. I was surprised that Avis was so much lower than Europcar and others that specialize in European rentals, but it seems to be the case. We did not check other size cars, since we only need a little one. If you want to pick up in one city and drop off in another, make sure the rental company has its own facility in the both cities. And watch out for early closings on Saturday and not opened on Sunday or holidays.

Also, if a web site you're using says it can't find a city you entered, or has no info, try the Italian spelling. We couldn't find anything for Padua, but when we entered Padova, there it was!


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Just a caution, which you probably know: check the fine print for what's covered by the theft & CDW portion of your rental. I found that both Budget & Avis had verrrrry high deductibles: I think $1500 for theft & $1000 for CDW, or vice-versa. One or the other was not even included in the base price on Avis. When you did the add-ons, it was another $20 or so a day. LOOKS great, but the fine print says they don't cover tires, glass, or undercarriage! Plus, they don't give you a pickup point until you make a down payment. Autoeurope is starting to look worth the extra price for the low deductibles & the good reputation.

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It Milan we used and they were econmical and reliable. The insurance was reasonable too.
The reason they're cheap is they post ads on the car, and you drive "Smart" type cars. But hey, its like 10 euros a day.