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I am trying to purchase tickets and seat reservations online Need seats on specific high speed ICE train on specific day, Germany to Denmark (so can’t wait until we arrive Germany to purchase, as ICE train may be full). is EXCELLENT website, however my order still shows unprocessed (unbearbeitet) after one week. My credit card is authorized for charges in Germany, but I do not see the charge yet. Tickets are to be mailed in “2-3 days” to friend’s address in Germany, they have not arrived yet.

I have emailed but received no response. Have phoned twice 011 49 180 510 1111 (Mon to Fri and on Sun 07:30AM to 09:00 PM) but recording says something in German like “not open”.

Really do like the website, because it provides so much detailed information. Any suggestions for other phone numbers to use to find out why order has not been processed yet? Thanks for your help

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Try phoning the Call Centre. See the phone number on this page.

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One thing you did not mention was the time in Washington State when you called. Remember, you have a 9 hour time difference with Germany. 7:30AM to 9PM over there is 10:30 PM to Noon in Washington state.

I have called twice, during business hours over there, to the number Tim suggests, and not had trouble getting through.

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Hi, I have the same issue here.

I called the callcenter and they said they only do inquiries for phone orders and gave me the 49 180 510 1111 number to call for internet orders.

I tried calling and get the same recording in German that who knows what it says..

I had a friend who lives in Germany call and she did manage to talk to someone and they told her that tickets are shipped aprox. 2 weeks before the travel date. So no wonder I don't get em yet. When I ordered the information said they would be sent 3 days after approval of the transaction but it seems that's not correct.

So now I need to decide what to do because 2 weeks is to little time for the post office in my country (they are sloooow).

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Not sure if this will help you or not, but regarding my original post above, I booked online Sept 11 and put additional information in the “Request to the service center” box. I think because of this request my reservation was not confirmed right away and email from said “Reservations (not yet made - no guaranteed seat)”. I was finally was able to talk to someone at 011 49 180 510 1111 on Tuesday, Sept 16. They processed the tickets right away and tickets arrived in the mail on Friday, Sept 19 at friend’s house in Germany.

I ordered more tickets online Friday, Sept 26 (without additional requests this time!), and email from said: “The following reservations have been made and paid for”. Tickets arrived in the mail to German address on Monday, Sept 29.

Ticket orders are for Oct 21 and Oct 26 travel between Germany and Denmark. Tickets were shipped 5 weeks and 4 weeks before those travel dates.

Hope this helps ~

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Thanks for the info. Yep when I purchased I got the message saying the reservation was made and paid for.

So I don't know why they told my friend about the 2 weeks, could it be for international deliveries?

Well what I did was I added my friend's address in Germany to the alternate shipping address in my account at and I'll call and tell them to ship them there. Let's see what they say. :)

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Following up on this..

I called. Got the recorded message. It seems to say something like "Hold on for the next operator" so I waited a bit and someone answered.

Told him about the issue, and he said the tickets were in fact already delivered (not the 2 weeks they told my friend)

So I told him that I haven't received them and he made me send a Fax stating that and the new address.

5 days later finally the tickets were sent to my friends house in Germany, and they are on the way here by DHL. wew!