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Worth a $68 savings to book through Expedia vs airlines?

One more question before I book.....roundtrip ticket through Icelandair website: $839; same tickets through Expedia: $771. In the back of my mind, I'm thinking I've read about issues popping up when you get your tickets through a "second party". Any input on this?

Thanks so much (again)

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One issue that pops up when something goes wrong is the tendency for each party to disavow responsibility, giving you the run-around even more than you might get from the airline alone. I don't know how easy it is to contact Expedia by phone; online solutions are their first suggestion at

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Personally for this small difference i would book directly with Icelandair.
If there is a strike, delay, or your need to make a change to your flight, in my experience it will be easier and faster to deal with the airline directly than with Expedia.

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When I think about all the grocery coupons I click each year to save $68, yes, I am a very frugal soul. But, that said, for $68, I agree with the previous poster. I really think you will get better service, should a problem arise by booking directly with the airline.

Someone else will have to confirm, but I 'think' that seat selection is usually easier/nicer when you book directly with the airline, too.

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(ECHO, echo, etc.)
Book all the way through direct w/the airline. If something goes wrong, it is the airline's responsibility.

Expedia is there to book, & in my opinion that is where their responsibility ends.

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I always book directly with the airline. I don't want to deal with a third party if there is any kind of problem.

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In our experience, if something goes wrong, Expedia is unable to help you and the airlines are less likely to step forward since you didn't book with them. it took my husband a couple of bad experiences to quit using them for airline reservations. Hotels, yes; airlines, no.

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Got the message loud and clear. Will book through the airlines.

Thanks so much for the input.