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Worldwide by Easyjet?

Has anyone used Worldwide by Easyjet to fly from the US? They have a direct flight (through Norwegian Air) from Denver to London, and a short flight into Edinburgh (or Inverness) for around $300 one-way (they don't seem to offer multi-city tickets). We're planning on flying into Edinburgh and out of Inverness (or vice-versa, depending on flight times and prices). The total price of the tickets is close to $400 cheaper (for the round-trip) than other airlines. Is this too good to be true? Any horror stories I should be aware of?

Thanks in advance!

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I've never heard of them.

I would never, ever book tickets through places that cobble together "Franken-tickets". There are endless stories of disasters with those - if anything goes wrong (and things often do), you're left holding the bag, and the circular-finger-pointing-firing-squad leaves the last person pointing their finger at's your problem to solve, good luck with that. The airlines on which you will actually be flying will just shrug and say you should contact who sold you your ticket. Good luck with that.

Most savvy travelers and folks here with experience might (maybe) use such travel "services" (I use that term loosely here) to research options, but would never actually buy one of those tickets. Most folks prefer buying a ticket directly from the airlines themselves, and that's what I would recommend. I would never buy a ticket from someplace I never heard of.

Personal opinion: Shopping for a flight, and basing your decision exclusively on just one criteria - the absolute cheapest rock-bottom price you can find, to the exclusion of every other consideration - is a grave mistake that far too many people make, and often regret. LIfe is short, don't make yourself miserable just to save a few bucks.

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Easyjet is a low-cost airline that primarily services (I believe) Great Britain. They are partnering with other airlines to provide a single booking (in this case, with Norwegian Air), so they're not a third-party site. I'm just wondering if anyone has used them.

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They're on the internet. Looks like Worldwide by Easyjet uses their European flights to connect you to one of 10 airlines that go to different parts of the world. Or, it can go in reverse--other carriers that feed into Easyjet.

Hopefully the long haul airlines partnering with Easyjet have seating much more comfortable than that on Easyjet's utilitarian aircraft.

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I've heard of it. It is not a "Franken ticket" I'd only go for it as I have never had a bad experience on Easy Jet (a highly sucessfull low cost airline sort of like Southwest in the USA) or Norwegian and I am generally not a worry wart kind of traveler.

With the Norwegian portion the price goes up as you choose whether or not to have their meal service which is about $45 X 2 roundtrip and seat selection and they charge for baggage. Nonetheless, Norwegian flies those 787 Dreamliners, the best economy class I've ever experienced and not the same "utilitarian aircraft" referenced above.

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Seems like a new thing, but the description at promises certain forms of protections and coverage in case of a missed connection. That's a new feature of these specific offers, since in the past EasyJet did not transfer luggage or put you on a later flight even within their own system; each flight leg was independent.

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Easyjet is a low-cost airline that primarily services (I believe) Great Britain...

Easyjet, I know, and have flown them several times. They're a basic, low-cost carrier, fine for what it is, and I'd have no hesitation to use them for a cheap short hop somewhere in Europe.

"Worldwide by Easyjet" is something I had never heard of prior to your post. If it's just a way to hook up an Easyjet flight with another low-cost airline, then I'd still be somewhat wary, but maybe it's an OK thing. Consider checking to see what it would cost you just to book with Norwegian directly. Personally, I'm not interested in flying a "low cost experience" all the way to Europe (on Easyjet or any other low cost carrier), but I know others do and seem OK with the trade-offs.

The bits directly above about what happens if you mis-connect, need to be rebooked, something else goes sideways, who handles that (and how easily it's done), etc. would be critically important to me. Others might only care about what price they see when booking. We all have different priorities; I value a low-stress way to get there and back, price is secondary for me. YMMV. Good luck and if you do choose this, please come back and post about your experience afterwards, as this seems to be a new thing and I'm sure others would be curious to hear your impressions.

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Worldwide by easyJet is legit. It is run by easyJet and connects their flights to certain airports with other airlines at those airports. Not just discount carriers but others like Cathay Pacific and Virgin Atlantic.

Here's their website explaining the service. Read it carefully:

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I wasn’t aware of the Worldwide program with easyJet, although 2 months ago, we flew Norwegian to/from Denver to our connection at London Gatwick Airport, and easyJet to/from Gatwick to Crete, Greece. Booked directly with the airlines, so we had separate bookings.

We did carry-on luggage. Norwegian’s carry-on policy is 10kg for all bags per person, so about 22 lbs. Having a lightweight suitcase is helpful, as the weight of the bag itself can cut into how much you can load inside. EasyJet was just concerned that the suitcase would fit inside their bag template, not how much the bag or its contents weighed.

You can check bags, for an extra fee. We opted to bring dinner with us on the flight to London. Bringing salads with less than 3 oz. of dressing was no problem getting thru TSA security at DIA. They sell food and drinks onboard, too.

EasyJet is far from my favorite airline, but you get what you pay for, and they offered a convenient flight at a convenient time, for a conveniently low fare. Crete was a longer flight, but going to/from Scotland, you can grit your teeth for the short flight, and think about how you can spend the money you’ve saved on your flight.

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I hadn't heard about the Worldwide by easyJet program, but it's a good idea and a way to increase business without investing in more aircraft and crews. I did a test booking from Vancouver to Milan and wasn't too surprised at the results. They're using WestJet service to LGW and then easyJet from there to MXP. I'm sure the chose WestJet as they fly to LGW, while Air Canada uses LHR exclusively. The price was just over C$1000, but I'm sure that varies during the year according to demand.

The only disadvantage that I can see is that as this is not a true code share arrangement, passengers would have to retrieve their bags and recheck when moving from one flight to another. One of the reasons I've always preferred Air Canada is that I can check my pack at my home airport and then collect it at my final destination, regardless of how many flights there are.

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Easyjet is a low-cost airline that primarily services (I believe) Great Britain.

EasyJet is based out of the UK but has a substantial presence throughout Europe.

I find them reliable and an excellent option for my intraEuropean flights; I usually look at them first before any other options .

Fascinating to learn of this worldwide option.

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Love that term - so true!

I'm glad to learn that this new Worldwide by Easyjet is not Franken-tickets, and will keep it in mind for future travels. It could be particularly useful for cities that are not as well served by legacy carriers as by Easyjet.

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Quick update: I used Worldwide by easyJet for our return trip (Edinburgh-London-Denver); it was the same price as booking the two legs separately, but we have some protection in case of delays. My husband talked me into spending a few days in London at the start of our trip (it didn't take too much effort on his part), so we'll catch the Norwegian flight to Gatwick, spend 2 nights in London, and then fly to Inverness on easyJet.

The total price for all legs (including adding checked baggage) was $1,670 for both of us, so it was still a few hundred dollars cheaper per ticket than other flights, meaning more money for the fun part of the trip!

Thanks for all the advice!