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World Traveler Plus worth it on British Airways?

I am flying British on a direct from SEA to Heathrow, and received an offer to upgrade to World Traveler Plus on my return flight for $315. It sounds like I would still have to pay to select my seat. In your opinion, is this money worth it for the upgraded amenities? If it were Business I wouldn't bat an eye, but wondering how different World Traveler Plus really is from the regular World Traveler (Economy). Thanks!

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I would probably appreciate those wider seats most on the flight toward Europe, when I'm trying to sleep. On the way home, I watch movies the whole time, and maybe you will, too. They do make it sound tempting.

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We were WT+ YVR to HEarth row in September.

Old 747 but not the wide leather armchairs they used to have. Seats may have been marginally wider but not so you'd notice. These were centre bulkhead seats w lots of legroom. Full flight and no room for our day packs anywhere near our seats...had to walk through the end of First to get to the other side of the plane where room had been 'found' for our belongings...why? because 2 gals had been on a shopping spree and had filled two bins full w their loot. Grrrrr.

So, AFAIAC, I'd stay in Economy.

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Are you on BA 53 or BA 49? A 747 or a 777? The seat configuration in either is 2-4-2 in WT+ on either plane! but the desire ability of the seats appears to differ. Are you flying solo? If you don't pay extra to select your seat, you could end up in the middle of the 4-seat section, instead of a window or aisle seat.

You should look at what seats are available before you decide, and maybe also consult SeatGuru.

WT+ used to include a better meal ( similar to business class) but I did jot check to see if that is still true.

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I usually follow Lola's recommendation about checking with Seatguru, but I ran into an issue with the place SG showed for my British Air flight this summer.I won't go into the long story, but I had a more accurate view going through my reservation and checking the plane on the British Air site.

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Looking at BA's WT+ class, it very much resembles business class before the advent of lie-flat seat cubbies. Given the amenities (larger seat, further recline, fold-out foot rest), I plan to book these seats on my next trip to the UK. And I can't wait for American Airlines to get their fleet retrofit as well.

I wouldn't worry about the seat assignment issue. The WT+ section is so small it probably isn't an issue unless you REALLY want a particular seat.

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I've used WTP for two trips to Heathrow, it allowed my wife and I to choose seats at the window so we were in the position with two seats, rather than in the middle of the four across. Another thing that happened, and it probably wont happen again, is due to the airplane being changed we were upgraded on the return flight from WTP to business, quite a coup in my opinion, had we not been in WTP we would not have had the good fortune of the upgrade.

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For a ten hour flight, that comes to 31.50 an hour. I'd do it.

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You should absolutely pay to choose your seat ahead of time in WT+. I've learned this the hard way. Only middle seats were available when I checked in online. Also, I checked in the moment check in opened the day before.

That being said, the middle seat wasn't too bad considering the wider seat.

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I think it is absolutely worth it. We travel Philadelphia to London a couple of times a year to visit one of our sons. The first 3 years he was there, we only flew coach on whichever airline was having the best fare. I had finally decided that traveling like sardines was not worth the cheaper fare, and investigated what other airlines offered in economy plus seating. British Air is the best of the lot, seats are the widest and have the most pitch. Additionally, that cabin also often has it's own dedicated bathrooms insuring that you won't have to wait on a line. So, for the past 5 years, we only fly BA's World Traveler Plus. By the way, you can reserve your seats 24 hours in advance without any additional charge.