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Wizz Air, HHN to BUD

Overall, a good experience. A rather comical boarding process, in which your boarding pass was checked and you were directed to wait, en masse, in an area with doors that led to the plane. At boarding time, the doors opened, and you moved, en masse, to the plane. The front and rear doors were open, and people moved quickly (read: ran) to both doors, up the stairs, and to a seat of their choice. No meal or drink service, and the seats on our Airbus didn't recline, but the plane was clean, and the flight smooth and on time. Cheap, reliable way to get from one place to another. Be sure to print your own boarding passes, or they'll charge you big time to print one for you at the airport. Also, if you don't pay to check a bag, you are allowed ONE bag on board. Not one bag and a personal item. ONE bag. Make sure your personal item can be crammed into your carry-on bag.

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I checked, and, as I suspected, Wizz Air does not fly from FRA. It's an affiliate of RyanError and flies from the remote airport of Hahn (misleadingly called "Frankfurt" Hahn, HHN, not FRA, although Hahn is closer to Luxembourg than it is to Frankfurt).

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After watching the Myth Busters show about the quickest, most efficient way to board a plane, Wizz Air sounds like they paid attention. It is faster to just let people get on the plane the way they want to than to board the way all the other airlines are doing it.

Ryan Air and Wizz offer something that many people want. Cheap flights. Their websites are very clear about where their airports are located and their rules. People who don't pay attention keep the flights cheap for the rest of us who do pay attention. Personally, my flights with Ryan Air have been great and with a RT price of 11 € to go to Edinburgh or 35 € for Rome, frankly I didn't mind at all paying 12 € to get to Hahn from Frankfurt, nor the 1.5 hour ride to get there. I know lots of people spend that much time getting to their job each day. Why should I care about spending that much time getting to an airport?

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You are right, Lee, thanks. We flew from Frankfurt Hahn airport. I corrected my post's title.

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Wizz Air boards the way Ryanair did when I flew with them last year. It seemed OK, though as a solo traveler it was easier for me than, say, a family who wanted to sit together. I am willing to forget the in-flight pretzels, reclining seats, and entertainment in favor of really cheap fares. Because I read the rules, I have never been unaware of where I was flying or how many bags I could carry on. Sometimes those outlying airports can be closer to where you want to be, anyway.