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Windshield mounts for GPS...illegal in parts of Europe?

I know some states don't allow suction cups to be mounted to the windshield. I'm wondering if anyone knows or knows how to find out if it's illegal to mount a GPS to the windshield in Estonia, Latvia or Lithuania? Thanks!

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OK, not knowing the answer for this question for certain, I'll take a shot. In the village where I live, there's a Lithuanian Gymnasium (German version of a college prep school). Some of the cars parked on the street have Lithuanian plates, and this evening on my walk with the dog, having seen this thread, I looked in one of the cars... there was a GPS mounted on the windshield. Take that for what it's worth that a Lithuanian-registered car in Germany uses the suction cups...

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I don't know either, and the only Lithuanians around here are truck drivers so the cab is too high to see in, however I can say that I don't use the suction cup any longer. I use the Garmin bean bag which leaves no thief inspiring ring marks and never falls down. Its easy and faster to set up.

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I only can say that two years in a row I brought my Garmin and used the suction cup in Austria and Germany and had no trouble.

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TomTom is a European company. They sell suction cup mounts with their GPSs. If I had a choice, I'd pick the bean bag type mount for the dash - doesn't leave a ring on your window that thieves might be attracted to..

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I agree the bean bag is a good choice to avoid the issue, problem is we're traveling as light as possible and I can't bring myself to carry that extra weight. Thanks to all who have chimed in!