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Will they or wont they?

I know no one knows but does anyone even think that major airlines like Delta will occasionally lower their fares for summer flights to Europe? After holding steady for months, fares went up 20 dollars this week. Shall I forget about them going down even temporarily?

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I highly doubt it, summer is the peak season and they know what the market will do (it's their business) and the desire for tickets.

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I am also watching the airfares for the summer, June and July are always the most expensive. I have a feeling I'm going to have to suck it up and pay $1,400. :(

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Yes, and its $1526. from here in Portland so it sounds like 'suck it up' is about right.

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Airlines are getting better at controlling the supply and demand of flights, and that ultimately means the prices. They'll a city, cancel a flight or even park a plane if it means they're not going to be profitable. If there are any price s, just expect them to be a one day sale. Summer, 2013 fare are going to be out of sight. Instead of spending $1500 x 2 for flights to Europe, we're spending $250 x 2 to fly to New England to visit the second largest French speaking city. Used to be there were some alternative flights like charters or consolidators putting out deals. I'm not seeing any of that going around. Finding any lower fare would require flying out of Houston to Turkey and back to Europe. Or, it might require flying thru Helsinki.

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Only $20? I think my flight to London went up by $30 this week. I held my nose and booked it before it got worse.