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Will I go through security twice on this part of my journey?


We'll be flying to Heathrow on June 30th. I have booked tickets w/Jet Blue from our hometown to JFK (got a good fare by booking this part directly with Jet Blue), then booked w/IcelandAir from JFK to Heathrow. Originally I had thought we would be checking 1 bag, so had planned to pick up our bag, then check-in w/IcelandAir at JFK, checking the bag through to Heathrow. We are now flying with only carry on bags.

Once we arrive at JFK, will we need to exit the secured area & check-in at the IcelandAir desk, then go through security once again to get to the boarding area? Or can we stay in the secured area & go directly to the IcelandAir boarding area and ask for our boarding passes to be printed out there? I will have already done the online check-in at home.

Thanks for any insight!

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If you will have checked in on-line for your Iceland Air flight, I see no reason to leave the secure-side. You should have an electronic boarding pass on you mobile device. But, call the airline to be certain. (You might want to download the IcelandAir app to your mobile device...)

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JetBlue lands at Terminal 5; Icelandair departs from Terminal 7. Unless there's a shuttle bus on the "airside" (and I don't see one mentioned on the website), you have to change terminals "landside," meaning you have to go through security to get to your T7 gate.

You'll either take the Airtrain or walk between terminals. I recommend the Airtrain; just ask before getting on to make sure you're taking the short way rather than the long way around (there are Airtrain personnel at each stop). Airport map is here:

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Thanks for your replies!

Work2Travel: I will download the App, it should come in useful to check-in for our flights coming home.

Harold: It was too much to hope to only go thru security once. Thanks for the info regarding Terminal Numbers. This is very helpful to know ahead of time. At least we have 4 hr. 20 min. between flights (assuming no delays on the 1st part of our journey or long TSA lines at JFK!), so we should have plenty of time to check-in for our IcelandAir flight, go thru security, then buy some food for the trip.


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"Thanks for the info regarding Terminal Numbers. This is very helpful to know ahead of time."

Yes it is; it's something I ALWAYS check for any flight. Large airports often have multiple terminals that are not interconnected, and going to the wrong one wastes lots of time.

This is true in Europe too; if you're leaving from, say, Paris CDG or London Heathrow or Rome FCO, you need to know your departure terminal (US-bound flights leave from multiple places in these airports).

To learn this beforehand, first figure out who is actually operating your plane. Then, go to the airport's website and see which terminal that airline uses for departures, for the kind of flight you're taking (eg, domestic vs. international, or LAX/SFO vs all other domestic flights).