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Will I go through Immigration in Denmark or Croatia?

Hi everyone. I'm flying from Newark to Pula, Croatia at the end of this month and my flight connects initially in Copenhagen and later in Zagreb, Croatia. I was curious if I go through immigration when I first land in Denmark (since I know this is a Schengen country) or if I would wait to do so when I reach my destination in Pula, Croatia (which from what I've read is NOT yet a Schengen member). Thanks in advance!

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I would think you would go through immigration in Croatia since you will only be 'in transit' in Copenhagen and not entering the Schengen area.

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Arnold is correct. Crotia is not part of Schengen (not even in the EU yet) and as such, you will not go through immigration in Copenhagen as you will be able to stay at the non-schengen area of the airport. But if your layover in Copenhagen is more than a couple of hours, I would advise you to go through immigration anyway, as you otherwise will be confined to the non-schengen part of the airport which is rather small and without facilities other than a small tax free shop and a small coffe shop. The bulk of the airport is in the Schengen area, but you will have to show your passport to immigration to get access.