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Will Hertz allow you to drive through the Neum Corridor in Croatia?

Hello Croatia Forum,
We are renting a car in Italy via Hertz and driving through Slovenia and Croatia. Our southernmost point is Dubrovnik. I have been trying to clarify with Hertz whether we can drive through the Neum Corridor or not, as Croatia is on their approved list, but Bosnia is not. No one can provide a clear answer and they say it must be handled at the desk where you actually pick up the vehicle. Has anyone driven through Neum Corridor with a Hertz rental car? Am I over thinking it? I understand we need some sort of written authorization allowing us to drive in Croatia, and that is taken care of at the rental desk (Milan, in our case). Technically Bosnia is off-limits for Hertz, but I'm not 100% sure that includes Neum and they don't have any specifics. I am also aware that a work-around is the ferry from Ploce, but that is not ideal, although a good backup plan. Thanks for any tips.

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Can you contact the Hertz location where you will be renting the car and ask them? Or is that the "Hertz" you have called?

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We have spoken with Hertz international desk, but not directly with the Milan branch.