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Will airlines give you a better fare if your elderly parent is having a medical emergency?

My parent had a sudden medical emergency and requires surgery tomorrow. I will go to see her in the next couple of days, and I am wondering if airlines will give a better fare (two days in advance can be very expensive) if it is a medical emergency.


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Too many people in the past lied, so they don't do it too often anymore. If there is a death and you provide the paperwork documenting it and your relationship, some airlines will; i.e., Jet Blue.

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I just spent 12 months flying to LA and Chicago on the spur of the moment for a health crisis with my mom. While every airline is different, I can tell you without hesitation that the people at Alaska are the kindest and most compassionate I've encountered. They waived change fees, moved flights out by a day when chemo didn't go well and rebanked miles when I had to move travel.

But even with all of that, I never asked them for a low fare for travel the next day or two. Not sure if they'd do anything for you. But I CAN tell you that I became an expert at buying a ticket in the evening and flying out the next morning and that on Alaska, American and United, I was able to buy a cheap seat less than 24 hours before flight time.

It must be related to trying to fill seats. My sister was able to buy a Chicago to LAX for $115 once. I flew between Seattle and LAX for 5000 miles and/or 7500 miles. Click around on their websites and see what you can find for tomorrow.

Good luck.

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I will agree with the response above. They will be flexible on change fees and schedule changes, but rarely on fares. If you are a higher level frequent flier in an award program, that may change things, but probably in exchange for miles.

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When my mother required urgent cardiac surgery I called United and (luckily) got an agent who entered my information in the system. I was still working and knew I’d be going back and forth a few times. I did not anticipate things not going well to the extent they did. My back and forth lasted 5 years until she passed away. I had to book, re-book, cancel many times. I never got a change fee or got stuck for a ticket I could not use. For all their faults, United was great to me during this ordeal. But, getting a discount for last minute travel, No, did not happen.

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That beats what we went through when my mother had a myocardial episode when visiting Aspen. After a week in the hospital, she had to be flown home in a Citation Jet non-stop.

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Even with bereavement fares (many airlines specify how to get them, usually requiring a death certificate) the fare reduction is limited. Not a
lot of help for medical emergencies except hopefully sympathetic staff. Sorry you have to go through this, with expensive flights an additional pain.

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Well, they have bereavement rates, so perhaps with some documentation of an illness they would be sympathetic and helpful. Bereavement rates are a bit of a savings vs. having to buy a ticket with short notice, but they still seemed pretty high. I would at least ask.

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I've never heard of airlines providing a discount for family-related medical emergencies, although some may certainly do that. Airlines here used to offer bereavement discounts but that was discontinued several years ago.

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Good thoughts to your parent for a full recovery.

Going forward, I would look into getting the co-branded credit card of your airline of choice and racking up some miles with the sign-up bonus. We live across the country from elderly parents, and went through a whole bunch of award tickets in 2018-19 to help them out while keeping out of pocket expenses reasonable for ourselves.

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Just got back from my visit with my mother and wanted to say, I asked Delta, and they said Yes, they give 10% off with no change fees for medical emergencies. So I was happy about that!

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Thank you for sharing that information. It will be helpful to others in the same situation.

Hope things go well and improve for your parent.

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In response to a reply above, do any still offer bereavement rates? Seems last time I had a need to ask, the airline (it was one of the legacy carriers, can’t recall which one) said no.