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Why? - Payment Refused for TGV Reservations

Feeling frustrated. I've tried three times today to make TGV reservations for two on 15 September for Avignon TGV to Lyon Part Dieu. Everything is fine until I've submitted my payment info and I get: Votre paiement a été refusé. Nous regrettons de ne pas pouvoir donner une suite favorable à votre demande.

Am I too early, doing something wrong, or is the system just temperamental? I make a reservation earlier in the morning on the SNCF site that went through just fine.

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It just says your payment has been refused. No reason why. Could mean anything. Might double check with the card issuer. Sometimes one charge can go through but multi charges trips the fraud alert. Might wait a day or two to try again since you are close to 90 days out and may be not all of the schedules had been loaded.

Maybe Tim will come along with some better thoughts.

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Sometimes your credit card company will put a hold on a foreign transaction until they check with you to make sure it's legit.

I've had this happen once or twice making overseas hotel reservation deposits.

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I'd call your card company and have the rep stay on the line with you as you make the reservation.

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Was able to make these reservations with a different card. Making a second transportation charge in one day caused the flag with my cc company. As suggested, I stayed on the line with the original cc company while I attempted to make the reservations, but the charge didn't go through at their end even though I received another refused payment message. So we concluded that the block was at the TGV/SNCF site probably because I'd tried to charge to the same cc too many times today. Now I know, call the cc company immediately! I doubt I'll forget this for next time!

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Some European web sites don't accept US credit card or you should call your credit card company and tell them to allow foreign transactions. It could be because of a block.
Or try a debit card. The only time I could pay over the internet was with Amex and debit card.

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I also had this happen when trying to use one and only credit card -- a VISA from Chase -- to book our Eurostar train tickets from London to Paris. After going through all the web site forms, the booking was refused.

I called my credit card company immediately and the reason was clear. VISA said they always block Europe or other foreign purchases as a security measure on cards not normally used abroad, unless you contact them first. They unblocked the card for me and I purchased the Eurostar tickets an hour later.

So . . . you need to notify the card company before you make any overseas purchases and before you travel, if you are planning to use the card abroad.

Hope this helps.

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I can only say that Chase Visa is inconsistant. I had made two separate GermanWings airfare purchases three months ago and recently seven other rail reservations without any flags from Chase. I know to alert them before we travel, but didn't think I'd experience this before the trip. This being my first TGV reservation, the block was unexpected and frustrating since I had no idea of the cause. Rest assured, Chase now knows to expect more of these charges.

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Regardless, its a good lesson. Always inform your credit card company (and bank too if you plan on using a debit card at ATMs during your trip)

Your credit card company is doing the proper thing. Unless they've been warned in advance, to them it looks suspicious.

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TGV/SNCF is getting on my nerves! I've been trying to purchase tix from Geneva to Venice at the SMART price - which constantly shows up, but it says there are no seats available. when I email TGV, they say it's sold out even though the SMART price still shows up. Another TGV rep emailed me and said to delete my cookies, and another representative told me that the tickets would be available after July 1. It's July 8 and still a no go! URGH!