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Why does Alitalia pay you to go to Madrid?

I'm trying to get a flight to Italy, any airport. I noticed that it's considerably cheaper to fly Alitalia through Milan to Madrid than it is to fly directly to Milan. Why is that? Can I cheat, and pay for the trip to Madrid but not take the second leg of the flight (or the first leg on the return flight)? Many thanks in advance.

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You could just walk off, I suppose, but your luggage wouldn't make it. Even more importantly, when you didn't show up for the Madrid-Milan return journey, they'd cancel the rest of your ticket.

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Please don't even think of cheating. If you get onto an aircraft and don't get off at your stated destination BUT your luggage does, you can spark a suspected terrorist alert. All hell breaks loose and you almost certainly will be detained and questioned on your return, if not before. Even if you are travelling with hand luggage only and cheat, the amount of passengers disembarking does not match the number on the aircraft manifest log declared by the airline to the imigration authorities in advance. Again, a possible terrorist alert is generated. Please don't do it. The Spanish in particular are taking national security very seriously since the Madrid bombings.