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Who Says Low Fare Airlilnes Don't' Give Anything For Free

This was in today's Guardian Newspaper from the UK:

Low Fare Airlines

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The Guardian article is about bedbugs crossing the channel to Britain.

But I wonder: What is the connection with the low-priced carriers exactly? Do the bedbugs prefer them for some reason? (Do they ever take the Chunnel?) Or is this just a result of more and more-frequent travel from the Continent?

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Thanks to low cost airlines, more and more people can afford to fly. So let's say someone has stayed in a a hotel or hostel that had bedbugs. The bedbugs might hitch a ride on their clothes or bag, and then when carried on the plane, might stay for awhile or move on to someone else.

The same theory is why bedbugs are returning all over the world.

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In order to make money low-cost airlines have a very rapid turnaround at airports. Basically it's fly in, herd 'em off, load 'em on and head out.

It's pretty reminiscent of an old episode of 'Rawhide'.

They only spray the cabin and hold for bugs at the beginning and end of the day.

Full service airlines take longer in their turnaround and spray during every turnaround.

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Any hotel can have bedbugs and they seem to be making a resurgence. One thing everyone can do is keep your luggage on a chair or dresser rather than on the floor of your room. If not, the bedbugs can hitch a ride in your luggage to the next hotel or overhead bin on the airline.