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Who flies where?

Is there a website where one could easily determine which airlines provide service between specific cities? I used to start with Expedia, or Orbitz for an overview (e.g., NYC to Prague) and then research each carrier myself. But I know not all carriers choose to list with these sites, and I wonder what I am missing, and how I can research fares most effectively. Air cost, for one reason or another, is the bone that sticks in my throat the worst when it comes to making these trips. Thanks

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In addition to the advice given above, I find that this website is often useful: Airline Route Maps It's not always 100% accurate or up to date, but works as a good starting point.

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Try for a wider variety of carriers, especially within Europe.

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Another trick I used for some smaller airports (in the US and abroad) is to go to the airport's Wikipedia webpage. A lot of times they list different commercial carriers that fly into that airport along with where they fly to/from. That's how I found out that Lufthansa has direct flights from Frankfurt, thus making my trip a couple of years ago with only one layover from SEA. It's also how I found out that there's a direct flight from Lisbon to Sevilla.<br><br> Here's an example using Porto's Airport

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You can also go directly to most airport websites to find out which airlines service the airport. Pam

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If you really run into a preferred open jaw route that is not serviced by the same airline (I had it with an CID to Amsterdam...Manchester, UK to CID) try a consolidator like AirGorilla or AirlineConsolidator. They can piece together non-partenered airlines to get you a decent priced ticket.

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Thank you to all posters for the informative responses! This will be a great help. Thanks again.