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Which train station do we use in Siena, Italy?

We are traveling from Siena to Naples. There appear to be 2 Siena train station options.
We are going to drop off a rental car at: 23/25 Viale Europa, in Siena before boarding the train.
Which train station should we use for this trip?

Our final destination is Praiano, on the Amalfi Coast. We will be using a car service from Naples
train station, to Praiano. Which train station in Naples should we arrive at for our in
order to meet the auto transfer service?

Thank you!

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The main train station in Siena is located just below the historic center.

When you check the Trenitalia website, you’ll need to choose, “Siena”, for the train station in Siena (NOT Siena Zona Industriale)

Which train station in Naples should we arrive at for our in
order to meet the auto transfer service?

The main train station in Naples is, “Napoli Centrale”.
However, you need to contact the auto transfer service that you’ve booked to confirm where they will be picking you up.

Edit to add...
It looks like you'll need to take a taxi from the car rental place in Siena to the train station.
BTW, the fastest train route (Siena to Naples) involves a train change in Florence.

Have a wonderful trip!

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Just for a point of future reference for other posters. Goggle the location and Wikipedia will give you a brief summary of the town including train stations and airports. Quickest way to find train station info.

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Looking at the train schedule on loco2 for transport from Siena to Naples 10-30-2018.
They list a run that takes an extra hour, and at half the going fare, with one stop at Chiusi-Chianciano Terme, then to Naples.

The first transport is stated to be BUS #F1205. Is this a bus or a train?

The second is with InterCity#583. Assuming this is a train?

Any feedback would be helpful.

Wondering if the half fare is worth the additional hour, and if this may give us nice views along the way?


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You are looking at the 9:45 departure? That is indeed a bus, the DB site is very clear on it. 2nd class only, with a 20 minute transfer to the IC train in Chiusi-Chianciano Terme which includes time to get from the bus stop to the platform in the station. The bus originates in Siena and makes 5 stops, then the train you join makes 7.

The usual train combination is a 2nd class only Regionale train from Siena to Firenze/Florence SMN, then an 18 minute connection to a high speed Frecciarossa train which is then non-stop until the two Rome stations and whisks you then non-stop to Napoli Centrale.

You take a bus you pay less and go slowly. You take a Freccia you pay more and go much faster.

Do you know that the 8:48 departure from Siena is the fastest, at just over 4 hours?

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Thanks for all the details, helpful.

We are planning to purchase the non-regional tickets in advance.

In this case, a regional train connceting to a hi-spd train, should we buy the pair of tickets in advance,
purchase the regional ticket portion for Siena to Florence when in Italy?

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See my response to the other identical question you asked.