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Which train ride to buy here, and which one once there?

We have three train rides that we need to take, and I need advice on which ones, if any, to buy ahead of time, and which ones, if any, to buy once in Italy. We are traveling from Venice to FLorence: which I was hoping to buy ahead of time? Then we are going from Florence to Vernazza (CT): should I buy this in advance as well? Then from Vernazza to Rome: buy in advance?
We are traveling between June 10th and 18th, which is kind of frustrating right now since Trenitalia hasn't updated their schedule yet.

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The ONLY reason to purchase ahead of time is to take advantage of discounts available except it can lock you into a schedule with limited refund or change options. The standard train fare in Italy is very reasonable but some of the deep discounts are very attractive. Regional trains, slowest, can only be purchased 7 days in advance but no point to do so since they never sell out and never are discounted. (That may change in the future, but not now.) I would try for the discount ticket from Venice to Florence but buy regional for the others when you get there.