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which train pass to buy???

Hi. I'm confused as to which kind of pass to buy. I have read through the ETBD descriptions and the description on this website. I know point-to-point tends to be cheaper for the shorter treks and most of the trips we are making are fairly short but we will be putting some miles under our belt. Please provide any guidance you have. Anticipated train routes: Paris->Strasbourg Strasbourg->Colmar (thinking P2P for this) Colmar->Chamonix Chamonix->Venice Venice->Florence Florence->Siena->Montalcino/Montelpuciano (would the bus be better for some of these Umbria/Tuscany treks?? if train, P2P?)
Montalcino/Montelpuciano->Rome Thanks for all your help, I know I'll get some great responses from the pros!

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Having had the same problem before, I think that you just need to do the math. I used RailEurope to get the ticket prices for each leg, then compaired the total with an applicable Rail Pass. For the short RE trips (like Strasbourg-->Colmar) just get on the train. We found that a FIRST CLASS Rail Pass still beats the cost on your longer trips if you have more than three. The whole train gets there, BUT the first class seats are better and the crowds less. So get a Pass and use it only on the "expensive" trips. Pay cash for all others. Jim

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One problem with that approach... don't use Rail Europe for comparisons. They do not show the discounts that are sometimes available with advanced purchases.