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Which train

HEllo - I am trying to figure out the train systems in Europe - We fly into Amsterdam and need to catch a train from the airport to Bruges Belgium -
We also need to take a train from Paris to Arles in souther France. Another option would be to rent a car starting in Paris and drive to Arles. I would love any suggestions you might have. Thanks,Lisa

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You can always look at the European train schedules at Just put in the start point, destination, date and time and volia! All your options.

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hi, you can try here. Your text to link here... id try leaving from Schiphol and also the Main Train station in Amsterdam and see what different trains you can get. IE direct, price or least stops. also, to get to the main train station in AMsterdam is easy and one train will go there. happy trails.

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To get to Bruges, there is no need to backtrack to Amsterdam Centraal Station; all trains heading in the direction of Bruges pass through the Schipol Airport train station. From the airport train station take a train to Antwerp and then transfer to another train to Bruges. For schedules, fares, and tickets it's best to use this site:

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For Paris to Arles you can check times and buy tickets at Claim to be in the UK or Canada to avoid getting bumped to the inferior Rail Europe site. You can buy tickets up to ninety days in advance. If you book that far ahead tickets will be much cheaper, although these are limited to use on the specific train you pick. I would definitely take the train to Arles and hire a car there if you want, it's a long drive.

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For the Paris Arles trip the question will boil down to: How many are "we"? Do you like driving in a straight line for hours and hours and hours on black asphalt in the sun and heat? Do you mind paying a lot in tolls? Is it OK that driving is way slower than the train which bops along at 300kph? Do you have places that you want to stop along the way? Nougat at Montelimar, Lyon, Beaune, Dijon, etc.? Do you want to break the journey overnight?
Are you comfortable driving in and around Paris? Will you have a car when you get to Arles? Parking can be fun there, if you have a car you can get to the Pont du Gard and smaller towns and hill towns easily but the parking in high season in the villages will be a pain in A. - = - It all depends on what you want to do and where you will be going. If the answers to the above questions, or most of them, are "No" I suggest taking a fast, cheap-if-you-reserve-well-ahead, comfortable, smooth, airconditioned TGV train. Did I mention that they are fast?