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Which taxi to take in Rome?

Is there a specific taxi company you recommend or should avoid in getting transportation to and from places or hotels in Rome? We do plan to use the metro, but we will need to use a taxi to go from one hotel to another hotel a far distance with luggage. Your assistance is definitely appreciated. (In Mexico we were warned to not use certain color taxis, as they tended to be more expensive or not as reputable.

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Belinda, others may want to check in on this subject, but I don't think it's really an issue. At the cab stands you pretty much take the one at the front of the line which is how it works. At certain times you may feel incredibly grateful to be successful in getting a cab at all. The taxi business seems to be quite regulated and the cabs similar, we took many taxis in Rome last summer and they seemed pretty much the same. I will say this...a cab you have gotten into that you didn't call to arrive at your location in the first place should have zero euros on the meter at the start. Some drivers may hope you don't notice the meter already has, say, 8 euros on the meter when you get in. You need to make a point of saying you won't pay that when you get to your destination. Other drivers seem to be wanting to save you the most money possible with their, uh, efficiency. In any event, in Rome especially the taxi is a very good deal. Avoid the Metro is my advice.

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When I moved from one hotel to another in Rome the hotel I was at called the cab for me. You might want to ask at the hotel desk about how much your cab should cost. I would think your hotel would call a reputable company.

As for what kind of a cab not to get in to, make sure it is marked as a cab and doesn't look shady. My friend in Peru got in to a cab that didn't have phone numbers listed on it and was robbed.

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just be very careful and when you hand them the money make sure you hand them the money as you count it and make eye contact. In 2005 I took a cab from the train station to the hotel and I handed him 25 euro and he slipped my 20 into his sleeve and out popped a 5 and said I only gave him 10. It was christmas so I chaulked it up to a christmas gift to an Italian family. Rick has a good section in his book about taxis and which ones not to take and ones that are OK