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Which seats should I choose on TGV?

Hello all I'm buying tickets on the TGV from Paris to Lyon, and I'm not sure which seats to choose. The choices are "indifferent," "a cote de," "salle haute," "salle basse," "salon," "salon haute," and "salon basse." I know what they all mean, but what's the best choice? This is for a family of five 2 adults, and kids 15, 13, and 9. Thanks.

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Other than having kids in the absence of other information it is difficult to know the best answer for you. If you have anybody in your party who has mobility issues you will probably be happier downstairs. Same if you have a lot of luggage. If anybody gets motion sickness the upstairs moves more because it is further from the fulcrum, and the ends of the carriage will bounce a little more because of being over the wheels. Upstairs the picture windows have a better view but at night it doesn't matter. In the middle of the summer on a sunny day upstairs will be significantly warmer than downstairs even with the air con working hard. The doors between the carriages are upstairs on a TGV Duplex so if somebody wants less disturbance by nobody walking past downstairs would be a better place. Mobile phone use is banned in the in the main seating areas, if some of the party want to make lots of phone calls, or want to be (relatively) louder talking together the open area at the top of the stairs may suit. Do note that Europeans, as a whole, tend to speak more quietly than North Americans. Or if you really don't care where, you can always go with the first option, indifferent.