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Which plane seat do you choose?

Just for fun . . .

It's time to book your plane ticket and choose your seat. You may choose any seat on the plane. Which seat do you choose? And if you are traveling with someone else, which seat do you choose for them? 1st Class and Business Class sections are full (sorry) LOL.

I like to choose an aisle seat for my husband and I'll select the aisle seat across from him. That way we both have aisle seats, but we are still near each other. I also hope to select a seat as close to the front of the plane as possible.

Your thoughts?

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As close up front as possible, window and aisle as a pair so that I can lean against the window and my wife can then lean against me. This is for outbound. For going home, we can also choose the two inboard seats from the aisle as nodding off is not as important. Our preferred airline is Lufthansa from Philadelphia, and they use 340s for our route, which is 2-4-2 seating. When we flew BA's 777s we chose the window and next seat of the 777's 3-3-3 so we could still lean.

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I always seem to pick a seat 3-4 rows back from the wing (I don't want the possibility of having to gate check). We are lucky in that most of our flights overseas are a 2-3-2 (woe last year when we ended up on a 3-4-3 to Paris).

I LOVE the window seat. I love watching out the window as we pass over land, and watching the sun rise as we fly to Europe. BUT, my husband likes the window seat as well. So we compromise - I get the window seat on the way over, hubby gets it on the way back (it's just not as exciting when we are arriving back in Nova Scotia). The one time he got the window seat on the way over, the flight arrived early to London and the pilot circled the city a half dozen times to kill time, and you could see the Thames and all the landmarks as dawn was breaking - I'm trying to crane my neck to see over hubby.

At least with a 2-3-2 layout, I only have to make hubby move. A few times, we couldn't pick our seats ahead and ended up sitting apart from each other (once, he was 3-4 rows back on the other side). I don't worry about it, I'm just going to watch a movie/read/try to sleep. On the 3-4-3 last year, I took the window and of course the woman on the aisle did the headphones/blanket/sleep mask. I waited to use the washroom as long as I could, but I had to eventually tap her (an hour before landing) and get her to move - I couldn't hold it any longer.

My mom always gets me to pick an aisle seat for her when I book her tix - she probably goes to the bathroom 3-4 times on an overseas flight and doesn't want to bother people to move.

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I love window seats because I like looking out and it gives me something to lean against. But I will only choose a window seat when I am traveling with someone and there are only two seats by the window. I then choose a window and an aisle, and will split time in the window seat with my travel partner if I have to! In a plane with 3 seats by the window I will choose an aisle. All the benefits of the window can't balance out the misery of being trapped when I need to use the toilet and don't want to disturb the sleeping stranger next to me.

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All the benefits of the window can't balance out the misery of being trapped when I need to use the toilet and don't want to disturb the sleeping stranger next to me.

Karen, I agree. I hate that "trapped" feeling.

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I always select a seat in the back of the plane. If the plane isn't full there is a greater likelihood of getting a row to myself.

If it's a super long flight (over 10 hours) I always get an aisle seat so I can stretch my legs whenever I want.
On transatlantic flights to Europe its always a window seat so I can sleep easier for the morning arrival.

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I used to be a fan of window seats but now I'm definitely an aisle person. Especially on long flights because I'd rather not have to be the one climbing over two others to get out to use the restroom. The only downside are the people that lumber down the aisle with (apparently) no ability to do so without bumping into each and every passenger along the way.

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Always the window seat. I'm not a huge fan of flying and I like being able to look out the window. This is whether I am flying alone or with my husband. He is very tall so he will take a turn by the window when it is time to catch some z's so he can lean against the side and I lean against him. We always try our best to get a plane with 2 seats along the side so we don't have to bother anybody else to move, or at least minimize it.

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1st and business are full? Then you won't find me on that plane! ;-)

I prefer an exit row aisle seat in the row that can still recline. Gives a bit (sometimes a lot) more leg room, the tray table is not in the armrest so no loss of seat width, and the seat in front of me does not recline. Next best thing to business.

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Ideally on the bulkhead seat, but most definitely in Economy Comfort/Main Cabin Extra (I'm 6'7"; I'm not flying regular coach for longer than 2 hours). I can't sleep on planes, so I like having the ability to read all night with no one reclining in front of me. My fiancée likes the window seat, and I much prefer the aisle. When a 2-3-2 or 2-4-2 configuration is available, it's an easy decision.

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The aisle with freedom for my left leg to move. My knee hurts if I can't stretch my leg occasionally. And I like to get up and walk to the toilet several times during an international flight.

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If there are only 2 seats on a window side, we book those and take turns. If there are 3, we book aisle seats across from each other. We can both handle middle seats on short domestic flights but no way on the longer ones.

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As a pilot, I like to take photographs while flying, so my preference is a window seat forward of the wing. Aft of the wing, engine exhaust often distorts the view.

Anyone sensitive to motion or turbulence is better off right over the wing, near the center of gravity (balance point) of the aircraft. That's where the least motion is felt.

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Aisle seat in economy comfort (or whatever sardine rather than anchovy is called). Preferably bulkhead, but I don't like putting both my carryon and personal item in the overhead, so I have to weigh that against the probability of sitting behind someone who MUST recline all the way for the entire flight (except for food service, when they have to straighten up a bit, but they go back to full-tilt as soon as possible).

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Window seat in a non-bulkhead, in a row with reclineable seats.

1) I like looking out the window as we approach Europe,

2) I like leaning against the fuselage wall to sleep, and

3) I like being able to put my personal item under the seat in front of me.

I have relatively short legs, so I don't mind the lack of leg room by the window with seats in front of me. When the person next to me gets out to use the bathroom, I get out and walk.

It used to be that I could lean over to get to my personal item (netbook) under the seat in front of me. Now, they've made the seat pitch so tight that I can't lean over that much (or assume the "crash" position), so I have to hook the strap of my computer case over my foot so I can get to it.

It's interesting to see the various preferences and why. At least everybody doesn't want the same seat.

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My fav's, in no particular order:

  • on planes that narrow towards the tail, such as a 747, seat arrangement changes from 3-4-3 to 2-4-2 towards the back. The window and aisle seat of the first of the 2-4-2 rows is the absolute best if you're traveling as a couple. First, you get a 2-seat arrangement all to yourself, but specifically the first row of the 2-4-2 row means that there is a lot of space between the window seat and the actual window, enough to place a bag there. The reason for this large gap is because the plane's width begins to narrow there but the space is not enough for another seat.

  • On a recent flight on a 777-300ER, we booked early enough to score the exit row of the very first row of economy. On this plane the config is 3-3-3 and we got the center and aisle seat of the outside 3. There was endless leg room between our seats and the curtain that separates business class. It's important to note that on a 777-300ER there is no bathroom at that part of the plane, only a galley and then business class, so there are no people milling about or lining up to use the bathroom. There is another such exit row with the same amount of leg room at the front of the second economy section, but there is a bathroom there and you'll have to deal with "crowds."

  • Outside of exit rows and the tail of the plane, I usually opt for an aisle for my own convenience of getting in and out. The con though, is that if the person next to you is one of those people who are super eager to get off the plane and prefer to stand up and grab their bags, even before the plane doors open and it's obvious there's no room to stand because everyone else is already blocking the aisle...then that could be super annoying.

  • Window seat has the exact opposite of the above pros/cons.

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Alone, Stateside/short travels: Always an aisle seat, Overseas/long haul: Premium Economy/Aisle

As a couple, Stateside/short travels: 2-row seat, if not available 2-aisle seats across from each other, Overseas/long haul: 2-row seat, if not available Premium Economy 2-row.

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Also, on flights to Europe, the left side so that maybe we can catch a spectacular sunrise, coming west, the right side so as to avoid all the sun glare.

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About 10 rows from a restroom, definitely not the first row because that's where they have people with babies, definitely not in the middle section and absolutely not the middle of 3 seats. Window going over, either window or aisle coming back.

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First choice (traveling as a couple ) window and aisle in a 2-across configuration. I get the window, my taller husband gets the aisle.
Second choice, if no available 2-across seating, is two aisle seats across from each other or nearby...or at least on the same plane. Same reasons as others -- ease of access to restrooms.
Adequate -- any reclining seats INSIDE the plane.

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I guess I'm not the only one who chooses aisle seats across from each other. And to think I thought I was the only one doing that LOL. In a 3-figure configuration, most of my friends choose an aisle seat and a middle seat so they can sit together. I never could understand why someone would CHOOSE a middle seat. I love my husband, but not so much that I need to be in a middle seat to be near him :D

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This is me:

she probably goes to the bathroom 3-4 times on an overseas flight and doesn't want to bother people to move.

All aisles, all the time. My daughters can sit by a window for an entire flight to Europe and never visit the washroom once. I get so anxious about being trapped that I probably have to go twice as often!

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I'll go to the restroom 3 times on a 4.5 hour flight from ATL to SFO! :D

Always the aisle seat, unless I'm on the redeye, then the window so I can have some small chance of napping. Traveling with husband, aisle for him and window for me. Going to Europe, I purposely schedule to get config so we're alone in the row, and book far enough in advance to get bulkhead. DH is tall and slightly claustrophobic and the additional room without someone reclining in his lap helps.

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When flying alone I want an aisle seat near the back. Flying with my husband we get aisle seats across from each other unless there is two seat wide row next to the windows. In that case I take a window and he takes the aisle seat next to me. As a family of four my husband and I take aisle seats across from each other and put the girls in the window and middle seats next to me. If there's a two seat wide row next to the window, we get two sets of two one in front of the other.

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My husband requires an aisle seat - he gets claustrophobic. I prefer a window so ideally it will be a plane with a 2 seat configuration (2 seats, aisle). If it is a 3 seat (3 seats, aisle), I will take the middle and give him the aisle.

The one seat I refuse to get is a middle seat with strangers on both sides. If traveling alone, I will choose window, or if window is not available, aisle.

As far to the front of the plane as possible, for easier exit.