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Which Option to choose?

Hello All My husband and I are going to be in Amsterdam for 4 days for the U2 concert. We are heading from Amsterdam to Switzerland (BO area for a week.) We are leaving Amsterdam on July 21st to head for Swiss. Below are three travel options from Amsterdam to Swiss, I was wondering if anyone has comments on these options or alternate recommendations. 1) Option 1 - Take the EU rail from Amsterdam to Swiss. Since it crosses Germany we will stay in the Baden Baden or Rhine Valley area for 2 days. This is the most expensive option as we will probably end up buying the three country EU Rail pass and not to mention we will need to purchase the individual legs. 2) Option 2 - Take a flight from Amsterdam to Milan (very reasonable deal on Easy Jet) and spend 2 days in Milan. Then head to BO from there. The EU ticket is just $48 per person from Milan to Lauterbrunnen. 3) Option 3 - Take a flight from Amsterdam to Geneva (about 70 euros more for the flight than option 2) and spend 2 days in Geneva. Then head to BO from there. The EU ticket is $65 per person from Geneva to Lauterbrunnen.

Advantage of Option 2 over 1 and 3 its the cheapest and least travel time, and we get to see another country as we have not been to Italy.

Option 3 is just cheaper than option 1.

Any recommendations/suggestions are welcome or any alternate mode of transportation is welcome.

Thank you.

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Hi, Simran. This is just personal opinion, but Geneva was/is my least favourite place in all of Europe. Meanwhile, those parts of Northern Italy,and Southern Germany are gorgeous. Milan is wonderful, the Italian alps, the Lake District. It seems there's a castle on every hill top. Tough call between Milan and Germany. But I'd definitely chose either over Geneva. Hope you have a great trip! :)

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My own preference would be to eliminate option 3, for the reasons given by Chris. This narrows your decision to option 1 or 2. Either of those would be good. As you point out, option 2 is the lowest cost of the two.