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Which option for railpass - Germany/Austria and ptp in Italy or?

Am looking at the info for a railpass and would appreciate the experts' opinions. I can buy an 8-day 3-country pass for Germany/Austria/Italy for $660, or a 5 day Germany/Austria pass for $441. I would need additional point-to-point tickets for Brennero to Bolzano on one day, then Bolzano to Venice on another day, and Venice to Brennero on the last day. Is it likely that the three tickets in Italy will be more than $220? I didn't see the price on the Trenitalia website -- although maybe I didn't look in the right place. Travel dates in Italy are Oct 9, 11, 13. And I do see that reservations are required on te Verona/Venice/Verona route. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Point-to-point tickets within Italy are not expensive, particularly on regional trains. The fare for the short ride from Brennero to Bolzano on a regional train should be less than €10. The fare for Bolzano-Venezia Santa Lucia ranges from €13 to €26, depending upon what type of trains you take.

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I agree with Tim. You will save money buying point2point tickets. Just to be sure. Research cost of pass verses the p2p total cost to determine which is cheaper. I have done it many times and always choose the p2p. It will depend on how many days you can use your pass.