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Which luggage limitations in a code shared flight?

We are flying to London, and will be flying British Air. The flight to ORD on the first leg is code shared with American. Which airline luggage rules apply--AA or BA?

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Are you talking about checked luggage or carry-on?. If American has already checked your luggage through to London, I would think that that will be the end of the discussion (and possible your luggage). If you are trying to carry it on in Chicago, it's a British Air plane. I would think their gate personnel would have the final say as to what goes in the overhead bins on their plane. However, last time I looked at the British Air site, they had an extra cm (56) to make it 22" and the only weight limit was to be able to put it in the overhead bin yourself.

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Hi Barb. If you are talking about checked baggage, the answer I got was that the rules of the airline of the first flight apply to any connecting flights. I suggest you call American to confirm this. Enjoy your trip!

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Thank you all so much for your input. This is our first trip abroad and the amount of planning is daunting! I'm the travel planner to save on an agent. We will keep the luggage at the accepted weight and size for AA.

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Technically, whatever rules are on your ticket (or the rules that apply to your ticket since actual printed tickets are probably extinct) are the ones that apply. The problem is, you may have trouble convincing someone from another airline about that. I try to stay within the most restrictive limits to ensure I don't have any problems.