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Which flight from DFW to GLA? Are the layovers enough?

I have found two very similarly priced flights, wondering if anyone can tell me why one might be better than the other?

Aer Lingus DFW to BOS, Layover=2h 4m, DUB, Layover = 1h 20m

IcelandAir DFW to BOS (via JetBlue), Layover=6h 15m, KEF, Layover = 1h 5m

We will be flying on a Weds.

1) Are the layovers in BOS, DUB, and KEF enough? (Kinda guessing the 6h 15m in BOS won't be a problem)

2) If so, is there any reason to go with the long layover in BOS if the price is close?

I hate having so many stops but the price jumps by around 1/3 if we fly to EDI or fly single-stop (through Heathrow).

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I looked and it doesn't look like I'll be arriving and leaving from the same terminal in BOS for either flight. The Aer Lingus flight arrives in B and departs C. The IcelandAir flight arrives at C and departs E.

It would be nice if I could get the IcelandAir DFW-BOS and then the Aer Lingus across the pond. I may have to see if I can find a way to make that happen.

I have a friend who works for United (and formerly for Lufthansa) who told me going through security a second time stateside would be rare but it looks like BOS doesn't give you a choice.

I've seen a similar flight that goes DFW-ORD-DUB-GLA but my friend said avoid ORD like my life depended on it, one of the worst for flight delays.

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The leg from Dublin to Glasgow on Aer Lingus is on a propeller plane, if that makes any difference. On the other hand, Aer Lingus has a nice feature whereby you may clear US customs and immigration in Dublin on the way home.

It appears that Aer Lingus has codeshare arrangements with Jet Blue and United, so presumably you luggage would be checked all the way through to Glasgow.

You could also look at Aer Lingus flights connecting through Hartford (BDL). Aer Lingus recently started non-stop flights from Hartford to Dublin. Hartford is my home airport, and we are flying from there on our next trip to Europe. BDL is a small airport, and it would be easy to make a connection there.

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If you connect through KEF, don't worry about the time. They are used to quick change of planes.

If you fly via Dublin, when you arrive from the U.S., be aware you will clear immigration there and not in Glasgow. (I did that flight a couple of months ago.) You won't have to change terminals in DUB so the layover should be okay.

Have you looked at Icelandair flight via other U.S. cities where you won't have to clear security again or have such a long layover?

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We live an hour from DFW. I don't see any direct flights to KEF from anywhere near here. IAH (Houston) would be the next most likely possibility and it is 3 1/2 hours from here, the choices are worse.