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Which direction???

My husband and I will be traveling from London to Prague,Budapest and Vienna this July. We will spend about five to seven days in each location. We plan to fly into and out of the mainland and take trains from city to city. Does anyone suggest any particular order of city travel? Were thinking - fly into Prague train to Budapest train to Vienna fly to London. Also, do you suggest we purchase individual train trips or buy a train pass? Listening for your advice. Susan

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Instead of spending $50 to a company in Germany, why not just go to the top of this page and click on "railpasses." You will get all the information you need on railpasses. You can also download Rick's guide to railpasses.

If that doesn't answer all your questions, call or email the railpass desk at Rick Steves and they'll answer your questions. When you're ready to buy, you can even buy your passes from them. (At one point, Rick sold more railpasses than anyone else in the U.S. Now, he concentrates more on tours.)

However, with your itinerary, I think you'll find point to point tickets will be cheaper than a railpass.

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Hi Susan,

Here's an option to think about:

Fly London to Vienna (EasyJet from Gatwick);

Train from Vienna to Budapest;

Fly from Budapest to Prague (Smart Wings Airline)--might be easier and even less expensive than a 7 hour train trip.

Fly from Prague to London.

I used Which Budget to check discount airlines between cities and the dBahn to check travel time on rail routes.

Sounds like a fun trip!

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You can also price open-jaw tickets, flying into London and flying out of whichever city you end up in last. There may not be much of a price difference, and it'll probably save you the cost of another plane ride to London, plus hotel room. Most flights back to the US leave in the morning, meaning you'd have to fly back to London the night before.