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Which City should I fly into if I am going to Prague

I am wondering which city makes the most sense for me to fly into and then make my way to Prague as my first destination? I think I could fly into Munich or Berlin any other ones (not vienna as that is my second destination). I'm flying from Toronto. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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Did you want to see another city before Prague? If so, Munich or Berlin are a reasonable distance away (you could take a day train from them).

However, Prague has it's own airport, so you could just fly there.

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There are three convenient, direct or one change, 6 hour train connections from Munich to Prague's main station. They are all regional, so you can use a Bayern-Ticket (€20 Single, €28 2-5 people) from Munich to the Czech border. Get point to point tickets from Germany to Prague for approx. €20 at the Bahn counter before you leave.

Get your Bayern-Ticket from an automat; they'll charge you €2 extra at the counter for "personal service". If you get your Bayern-Ticket at the airport, it will also cover your trip into Munich. Alternately, you can use the Bayern-Ticket for the bus to Freising station where you can catch the train shortly after it leaves downtown Munich.

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11225 posts what Jon from Toronto to Prague. Yes, you will have to change planes somewhere in Europe but that will depend on which airline you fly?

Why fly into one city and then train to Prague if you want your first destination to be Prague? It will take longer and probably cost more.

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Hi Karen,

I've flown from Toronto to Prague a few times on business. I flew once on KLM which (not surprisingly) routed me through Amsterdam and twice on Air Canada which sent me through Frankfurt once and Heathrow once. All were fine.

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Thanks for everyone's suggestions. I think I will do that unless I fly into Munich and stay there for a couple of days and then take the train to Prague. This is my first time travelling to Europe and going to many destinations so all the advice helps!! :)

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Well, Munich and Prague are two wonderful cities to start out with! Two of our favorite! Enjoy!

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Munich would be a wonderful introduction to Europe (not that Prauge wouldn't also be). Flat so easy to walk, very friendly people and great public transit. Fun beer halls and some good sights to visit, too. Definitely stay for a couple of days if you fly into Munich.

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You can fly direct nonstop Toronto-Prague by Czech Airlines.