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Which cities offer night trains?

I am trying to put together my itinerary and want to utilize as many night trains as possible to reduce costs in hotels and to spend more time sighseeing. How can I determine which routes offer night trains?

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For example, I am looking at going from Murren/Gimmelvald to Bordeaux. I entered in the website: from Zurich to Bordeaux starting at 20:00 on Sept 21st. It listed 3 options, each with 3 or 4 changes. By it listing 3 or 4 changes, is that the indication that it is not a night train (probably not too good of a nights sleep if changing trains 3 times), or would I see options for couchettes somewhere? The other places I am looking to take the night train is from Frankfurt to Paris, Nice to Rome, and Bordeaux to Amsterdam.

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There would be no night trains from Murren or Gimmelwald because the cable cars & mountain train have limited hours and generally don't run much after dark.

From Murren, the direct route is via train and then cable car to Lauterbrunen, then from there, a train to

KaInterlaken Ost, where you connect to the main trains. From Gimmelwald, you would either take the cable car down to the town there and a bus (or train?) to Lauterbrunen. Or take the cable car up to Murren and walk across to the train & cable car as above.

The changes are all very easy, but not a route that lends itself to a night train. There might be a night train through Interlaken Ost, but you'd have to get down from Murren earlier in the day.


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I'm not sure that you can get a sleeper into Bordeau. There's one that will take you into Paris but that's not Bordeau. And, at that, it looks like you have to get to Basel or Bern to pick up the sleeper. There does appear to be a night train from Nice to Rome. I didn't see any train transfers on this run and its a 12.5 hr journey.