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Which carrier?

I can choose between US Air, Alitalia or United to travel to Rome this fall. Has anyone traveled to Europe on one of these three? Do you have a favorite?

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Of those three, I would choose United. We had a great experience with them to and from China. I wouldn't fly with Alitalia if they paid me.

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I've flown USAir many times between Philadephia and Rome. I think the flights are just fine, and I especially like the fact that it's a non-stop.

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I believe US Airways and United are codeshare airlines, so if you're booking, look closely at the details (if it matters to you). I'd personally avoid Alitalia due to their ongoing reputation issues, but I don't have experience with them other than an intra-Europe flight (Frankfurt-Milan).

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All have good service. I would look at aircraft type (747,757,A330) and figure out which configuration fits you better. Also, inflight entertainment would be nice to know....personal TVs and such. I know Alitalia sometimes will use AirOne to Rome. Evan

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United does have the economy plus seating which allows an upgrade to plus for $100 - the price we paid last year. Five inches doesn't sound like much but believe me it is worth every penny.