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Which airport?

Will be taking a RS tour in Spain. Can't get a direct flight and must change planes in JFK or Amsterdam and both have about a four hour layover. Is one airport significantly easier / better for making such a connection? Many thanks. TC

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Hi TC,
I'd chose Amsterdam! It's an easy airport to navigate and if by chance there were a delay, I'd rather it be in Europe than the US.

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I'd choose Amsterdam too. You'll be in Europe, even if you are still in the airport. And the airport is OK.

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Definately Amsterdam. There is a nice observation deck to watch the planes come in and out if you like that sort of thing. It helped me pass the time on a similar layover. Also has lots of shops and is a fairly newer looking airport. Most of JFK is old and dumpy although they do have a newer international terminal. Bottom line is you will be in Europe in case something goes wrong and not in NYC.

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Your thoughts and insights have been most helpful. Amsterdam it is. Many Thanks. TC