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Where will we go through customs?

We will be going later this year from SEA to Reykjavik to Frankfurt on Icelandair. Will we go through customs at Reykjavik or Frankfurt? We need to be sure our passports get actually stamped when we go through customs. We have an hour to transfer in Reykjavik and are wondering if we will be calling it too close if we go through customs there.

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Because both Iceland and Germany participate in the Schengen agreement, you will go through immigration (aka passport control) in Iceland and your passport will be stamped there. You will go through customs on arrival in Germany. Customs is about the goods that you are bringing with you (no passport here).

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Iceland is a member of the Schengen zone, so you will go through immigration (passport check) at Reykjavik. Customs (the stuff you are bringing with you) will be in Frankfurt. Reykjavik is a tiny airport so I'm sure one hour is more than enough time to make the connection.

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Thanks! We've been sort of worried about that. I didn't realize that passport control and customs were separate nowadays. The last time I was in Europe was 30+ years ago

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...and likely they will stamp your passport. it may also just be scanned.