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Where to train and where to plane? What direction? Paris, Rome, Venice

In May we are flying from SEA to Heathrow. But from there I am not 100%. We are visiting Paris, Venice, and Rome. I'm not sure if we should go Paris --> Venice --> Rome, or Rome --> Venice --> Paris?

Also where would you suggest taking a flight or train?

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I should add that my flight back to the states leaves from LHR. Thanks!

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Okay, then I'd say compare airfares from Rome back to LHR versus Venice back to LHR. If there's not a material difference, you could do: London to Paris by train, Paris to Venice by air, Venice to Rome by train, and Rome to London by air. Or, if you wanted to start your trip in London and end in Paris, you could do London to Rome by air, Rome to Venice by train, Venice to Paris by air, Paris to London by train.

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I use and to figure out the most convenient & cost effective flights, trying all the possibilities; also the Deutsch Bahn for train times. I usually figure this out first before even purchasing my US to Europe airfare. Visiting the departure-to-US city last so that I am there at least a couple of days before departure alleviates any fears of missed flights to the US.

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You can also throw into the mix for checking discount airline runs. If you do find a good flight there, though, go directly to the airline's website so you get all the proper info...if you book thru flylc's booking engine, important details may be left out. Also check the "big boys" because, on routes with competition, they offer good fares and better schedules. But, as Kent suggests, do take the train from London-Paris....good early-booking discounts at (unless you want to make a connection right at Heathrow....if so....leave LOTS of time, and expect to shift to another airport like Gatwick, Luton, or Stansted to take a discount airline.) Echoing Darcy's advice....make sure you're back in London AT LEAST the day before you leave. You know Murphy's law!......