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Where to make train reservations?

I have a question about train reservations. My boyfriend and I are travelling around Europe for 10 weeks starting in May. The best rail option for all the different places we'll be going seemed to be the Eurail Global pass. However, I'm a little concerned about train reservations. Most of the cities we are going to have frequent trains except the Barcelona to Nice route where there are only 1 or 2 trains leaving in the morning. (We won't be taking the train overnight) I was hoping to just reserve the train when we get to Europe (since it's cheaper). Can I reserve this train anywhere in Europe (or Spain) or does it have to be in Barcelona? Also, does anyone have experience with this route? We'll be heading to Nice on a weekday in the middle of May. Thanks in advance.

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It is my understanding that you can make the reservation anywhere in Spain--and probably at major stations in France--but not in any other country.