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Where to depart from

We are arriving in England, we plan on going to France, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany. We don't know where it would be best to depart from. Should we fly home from Germany, France, Italy, England? Which is generally cheapest? We are first timers!!! Thanks for your time!

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I would fly from whatever country you end your trip in, do not bother going back to where you started. If you end in Germany fly home from there.

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We are planning our trip right now and we can plan where we end our trip wherever it is best to fly out of. I'm thinking Germany, or France would be best?

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Ashley: Your question is unanswerable. The cheapest place to fly back home from is the cheapest ticket you can get. You need to price open-jaw tickets with the return flight from Germany (where in Germany will you be?) or the return flight from Paris ( will you be in Paris?) or the return flight from Rome or from Zurich. Whichever open-jaw itinerary is the least expensive is the one to buy, then you can plan the rest of your itinerary for the 4 countries.

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Hi Ashley,
You can check airfares at a website like Click "Multi-City" for fares into one city and home from another.

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Difficult to ascertain what your motive is. If it's for the easiest simplest way, just depart from where you want to end your trip. If it's a financial decision, do the following:

Just to throw a different slant into the mix, first check out some of the different methods listed above. Find out some of the costs based on flying back from one of the countries you have listed.

Then for kicks, try a round trip from say France, or Switzerland. Then circle the trip differently. Do the Chunnel to England and back. End up where you began.

Now see the cost and you may have your answer.

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If you are going to England first, going to France second is your only option. If you are wanting to make the most of your time, go to France on the Eurostar from London. From France, you have options geographically. Look at a map and decide the route you want compared to prices you get from some of the suggestions in previous posts. Remember though, backtracking is expensive in money and especially in time. When we did a similar route, we went from France to Switzerland, then Italy, Austria, and Germany. We chose Germany as a departure because Frankfurt had the best and cheapest flights back to Dallas.
Have a great time.