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Where to clear customs/immigration?

I'm totally confused. We are flying from Charlotte, NC, to Naples, Italy, with a stopover in Munich. Where exactly will we go through customs/immigration? Will we clear immigration in Germany and then customs in Italy? Or both in Germany? Or both in Italy? Help!

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Since both Germany and Italy are Schengen Countries, when you land in Munich, you will pass through Immigration/Passport control, which will be no more than a passport check and a stamp.

When you get to Naples, you will have the opportunity to go through Customs after baggage claim, but you may not notice. Most airports in Europe have two passages at the exit, the main one marked for "no declarations" and the other leading to a station for customs. It would be rare that you would have something to declare, so out the door you go.

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I assume you will change planes in Munich. If so, I believe you will go through immigration there. Once in the EU, there is no more immigration at borders (with the exception of Great Britain).

Though you will pass through "customs" in Italy, it is just an unmanned doorway.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you so much! Those are the clearest answers I have received in weeks of browsing. Grazie mille!