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Where to buy RER tickets in Paris

I have tried to read about this but I'm still a little confused (first time to Paris!)...

We are staying near Place de Clichy and want to purchase RER tickets from Gare du Nord to Compiegne. Will we have to actually GO TO Gare du Nord to purchase these tickets or will we be able to purchase them at Place de Clichy or somewhere else? Thank you!!

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The RER doesn't go to Compiègne!
The RER is an Express suburban network, Compiègne is way outside the Paris suburbs and is served by local trains and "Intercités" from Gare du Nord.

You buy your tickets at Gare-du-Nord, either from an SNCF ticket machine or an SNCF manned ticket counter. But, you don't have to make a special journey to the station, you can buy them when you get to the station before boarding your train. Just allow enought extra time to buy the tickets.

P.S. For destinations which are on the RER network, then you can buy a through ticket from any métro station, including Place de Clichy.

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If you don't want to buy your tickets at the station (not sure why not), then you can also buy them at an SNCF boutique. They are located at several locations around Paris but I don't know if there is one near the Place de Clichy. You can google them and see where they are located. You might be near one on your rambles around Paris.

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Acckk!!! Well, I am certainly glad I asked the question! I am trying to get organized so there won't be panic the day of. I read somewhere that to get to Compiegne you would take RER D (GREEN) to Compiègne station. I wanted to purchase the tickets a couple days ahead of time and then not have to worry about it on that day. And since Gare du Nord is out of the way I wondered where else I could buy them. So, I will just arrive a little early at the station and buy the tickets that day.

Thanks so much for your help and patience for a newbie.

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Hi Kathy,

Take the Metro #2 to Gare du Nord, and take a regular train (not an RER) to Compiegne. Metro tickets are available at any metro station. You can purchase the train tickets at Gare du Nord.

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Jean, you rock! Thanks so much for the details! I'm getting very excited. My first trip to Paris is less than 2 months away!