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Where to buy my rail passes

I am interested in buying 2 15 day consecutive global youth rail passes. I've looked at and was just wondering if that is the best place to buy them. Or are there other sites that either have lower rates, special discounts, or anything like that? Thanks!

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We can't begin to answer the question until we know what you have planned. But generally, 3rd party rail passed, like those offered through Rail Europe, are rarely, if ever, the best buy.

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Try going directly to Eurail at They are the ones who "produce" the passes. They don't necessarily try to undercut their distributors, however. Another place to try is right here on Ricks Steves. He gets his rail passes from RailEurope, so don't expect a major difference, but he does give you some bonuses, like maps, videos, and a discount in the Travel Store.

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A similar question was just asked in the To the Boot section and I will give the same answer. Unfortunately you need to be sure that a rail pass will save money. Days are long gone when a rail pass with a no brainer, good deal. Now with additional fees for required reserved seats and sometimes limited seats for rail passes and the discounts for advance purchase of p2p tickets, you have to do you homework and price your trip p2p and compare with a rail pass.

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I am going from London-Paris-Interlaken-Munich-Rome-Barcelona. I will only need the pass from Paris to Barcelona obviously. I think my best option is the global pass, but I will look into all the other options as well. Thanks for the input!